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About the Comic Book Beardies


The Comic Book Beardies have been slinging comics since 2006. Beardie #1 has been reading comic books since he was a child back in the beginning of time. Remember when comics were first drawn on cave walls? Beardie #1 was one of the first enjoying those etchings. His love has only grown in all these years. He would spend hours reading and rereading the same issues. His favorite teams were the Uncanny X-Men & the Teen Titans (and Captain Carrot!) He would sit at the dining room table at his Grandparents drawing the various members of both teams as animals! Always wanting to be an artist but lacked the actual talent to be one he decided that one day he would own a comic store of his own! It only took a few centuries but it happened!


Then one day, Beardie #1 met Beardie #2 and re-ignited #2's own love of comics. As a small Beardie, #2 read Thor & Avengers comics and became a Marvel Zombie. But as #2 grew up, comics left his world. Sad huh?  One day on a date at the comic book store, Beardie #1 was talking with another comic fan about Archangel getting the blue sucked out of him. When Beardie #2 didn't run, #1 knew that #2 was a keeper.


Years later they decided to open a comic book store. They called it Whatever... for many different reasons. Mostly cuz it was fun to answer the phone "Whatever". They had a good run for 11 years in their old location. In 2018 they moved to their new location and a year later re-branded as their true selves - The Comic Book Beardies.